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Dance to Fashion-pre-launch

Dance to Fashion is a lively story set in the 1970’s. In Wisconsin, 22-year-old Zoe Hill struggles to break free from her abusive, drug-dealing husband.

Zoe, who is always one step ahead of fashion trends, chases her dreams for excitement and success by moving to New York City to work in a vintage clothing boutique. She’s determined to create a more fulfilling life for herself and her young daughter after a family tragedy changes the course of her life.

Through her journey, Zoe encounters fascinating new friends, but faces numerous obstacles during the artsy rock-and-roll scene of downtown Manhattan and the beginning of the disco era of the early ‘70’s.

Zoe’s quest for a career in fashion takes a few detours along the way. Living in New York City and supporting a young child presents challenges that Zoe is not prepared to handle forcing her to make dangerous decisions. She heads down the road to disaster by turning to go-go dancing in order to survive.  

Life as an exotic dancer presents a whole new dimension of issues including working at mafia operated clubs across the Hudson in New Jersey and being the victim of a traumatic rape. But, despite it all, Zoe is determined to finish college and make something of her life.

In the end, with the help of true friends and an unlikely love interest, Zoe is guided back to finding her way to a much more fulfilling life—a life exceeding her most elaborate dreams.