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Carolyn Doyle



Fifteen is set in the Bronx in 1967, in a time of conflicting emotions—light-hearted expressions of freedom, and angry displays of turbulence. In Fifteen, the revolution of the 60’s is not only an exterior uprising in the world, but an upheaval at home in this traditional second-generation Italian-American household.

The story is told in two viewpoints of a mother and her daughter. Maria is a young mother married to Luigi who is fifteen years older and set in his ways. Angelina, a typical teen of the turbulent era, falls for a sexy Italian man who mistakes Maria and Angelina for sisters.  Unbeknownst to Angelina, he has a crush on her mother.

Angelina seeks ‘free love’ like her friends, but, what does she do when she gets pregnant? And, is it free love or date rape with her? Is Maria justified in her passionate desire for a younger man? Will she sprout her wings exiting her stale marriage—forever wearing a label of sinner for her infidelity? Why can’t Nonna (Grandma) play poker with all those terrifying mafia guys? Is quirky Tia, who has what appears to be a perfect liberated life, truly happy? Will Luigi ever ‘cool out’ and discover his true self? Why can’t he realize he has everything he ever wanted right under his nose? And, Pasquale—is finding the perfect wife the answer to his dreams, or should he find himself first? 

The characters in Fifteen struggle with their own various issues—all in different ages of turmoil. But, it’s when Pasquale, the sultry Italian stallion enters the picture, that sparks fly and nothing in the Campisi family is ever the same again.


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